2019-2020 Northeastern Section Committees

Bylaws Committee

Jodi Maranchie, MD – Chair
Jean V. Joseph, MD
Alp Sener, MD

Development Committee

David Corral, MD – Chair
Frank J. Costa, MD

Health Policy Committee

Ronald P. Kaufman, Jr., MD – Chair
David Albala, MD
Louis D'Agostino, MD
Willie Underwood, MD

Scholarship Research Committee

Michelle "Jo" Semmins, MD – Chair
Bruce Jacobs, MD
Paul Toren, MD
Medhi Mollapour, MD
Girish Kulkarni, MD
Jodi Maranchie, MD

Investment Committee

Darren Beiko, MD – Treasurer, Chair
Kenneth Pace, MD
JC Trussell, MD

Judicial Committee

Hassan Razvi, MD
Joel Nelson, MD
D. Robert Siemens, MD

Nominating Committee

Timothy Averch, MD – Immediate Past President, Chair
Kenneth Pace, MD – President
Badar Mian, MD – President-Elect
Jodi Maranchie, MD – Secretary
Darren Beiko, MD – Treasurer
Kevin Pranikoff, MD – Historian
Gerald Sufrin, MD – Past President
D. Robert Siemens, MD – Past President

Program Committee

Rob Hamilton, MD – Co-Chair
Yonah Krakowsky, MD – Co-Chair
Kenneth Pace, MD – President
Michelle Semins, MD – Past Chair
David Corral, MD – Community Urologist (U.S.)
Andrew Feifer, MD – Community Urologist (Canada)



Committee Descriptions

Bylaws Committee - The Bylaws Committee reviews and suggests necessary changes to the Section Bylaws, based on actions and directions by the Board of Directors -- for approval by the Section membership.  The committee consists of the Secretary who serves as Chair, and two (2) members appointed by the President to serve (staggered) two year terms.  The Chair also serves as the Section representative to the AUA Bylaws Committee.

Development Committee - The Development committee solicits financial support from industry and other potential contributors for the annual meeting, the Research and Education Fund and other section agendas. The committee consists of up to six members appointed annually by the President.  Members on this committee should have current relationships with industry and be willing to cultivate those relationships and work closely with staff on seeking support for the Section.

Health Policy Committee - The Health Policy Committee studies professional and socio-economic issues affecting the delivery of urologic care. The Committee shall consist of three members appointed for a three-year term by the President, one member each year. The President shall designate the Chairman. The Chairman shall be the Section representative on the AUA Public Policy Council.  The Committee reports annually to the Section Board of Directors and/or membership. Members on this committee typically possess expertise in the areas of public policy, coding and reimbursement, legislative affairs and practice management.

Investment Committee – The Investment Committee maintains Board approved investment guidelines including growth and income objectives, risk parameters and general asset allocation. The committee monitors the organization’s investment portfolio for adherence to established guidelines and performance vs. objectives, and reports to the Board of Directors.  The committee consists of the Treasurer as Chair, the Past Treasurer and two members selected by the Nominating Committee who serve four-year staggered terms. 

Program Committee - The Program Committee is responsible for developing the scientific program for the Annual Meeting.  The committee shall consist of the Chair, the immediate past year’s chair, incoming (next year’s chair) if known, and approximately six other members who are experts in urology topic areas. 

Scholarship Research Committee - The Scholarship Research Committee oversees the Section’s Research Grants and presentation Programs, as well as essays and special scientific contests of the Section.  The Committee shall consist of four Active members who serve a four year term. The President  appoints one member each year who then ascends to eventually serve as Chair in the fourth and final year. Members on this committee have recently been appointed based on their past participation as scholars funded by the Section.

Note:  The composition of members of the Section’s additional standing committees (Judicial Committee and Nominating Committee) are based on offices held.
Note:  It is a stated goal of the Northeastern Section that appointments to committees are made with consideration of equal representation among Canada, New York and Pennsylvania.

Members interested in volunteering on Section committees should send an email expressing interest to