2016-2017 Northeastern Section Committees

Bylaws Committee

Timothy D. Averch, MD, Chair
Jean V. Joseph, MD
Alp Sener, MD


Development Committee

Joseph Greco, MD, Chair
David Albala, MD
David Corral, MD
Andrew McCullough, MD


Health Policy Committee

Ronald Kaufman, MD, Chair (AUA - CRC)
Timothy D. Averch, MD (AUA - QIPS)
David Albala, MD (AUA - LAC)
Louis Dagostino, MD 
(AUA - Public PolicyCouncil)


Scholarship Research Committee

Jeffrey Gingrich, MD - Chair
Guan Wu, MD
Wes Kassouf, MD
Badar Mian, MD - Ex Officio


Investment Committee

Kenneth Pace, MD - Treasurer, Chair
D. Robert Siemens, MD
Hassan Razvi, MD
JC Trussell, MD


Judicial Committee

Hassan Razvi, MD
Anne Marie Houle, MD
Joel Nelson, MD


Nominating Committee

Joseph Greco, MD, Immediate PP, Chair
Ronald P. Kaufman, Jr, MD - President
D. Robert Siemens, MD - President-elect
Timothy D. Averch, MD - Secretary
Kenneth Pace, MD - Treasurer
Ron Rabinowitz, MD - Historian
Jerzy Gajewski, MD - Past President
Zahi Makhuli, MD - Past President


Program Committee

Darren Beiko, MD – Co-Chair
Michael Leveridge, MD – Co-Chair
Timothy Averch, MD
Teresa Danforth, MD
Eric Kauffman, MD
Barry Kogan, MD
Badar Mian, MD 
Jeanne O’Brien, MD



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